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I have known Kimberly Irlbeck since February 2014. She was an exercise instructor in a class I attended. I entered this class knowing I needed to lose weight but I got so much more out of it with Kimberly’s help. She was a great inspiration and an excellent fitness coach.  I wasn’t exercising and really didn’t want to start but she inspired me to just start walking 30 minutes a day. About half way through that class, I started working with Kimberly as a health and wellness coach. The best part of Kimberly’s coaching was that she listened to what I wanted and helped me accordingly. She not only setup me up with a workout program for the gym but also one I could do at home.

So far I have lost over 50 pounds and I know that with Kimberly’s encouragement and help that I will be able to obtain my goal of another 50 pounds.  If you need help losing weight and just getting into better shape, Kimberly Irbeck is the person you need to see.  She will listen and then set you up with a program that will meet all your needs and then be there to support you for as long as you need the help.

Lynn H.

Kimberly has a wide range of experience and knowledge. I worked with her for four months and found it to be very beneficial. She kept me accountable, and I am continuing with her workout program on my own. I would recommend her to anyone looking for counseling and/or coaching. She stands out as one of the best!

Michele H.

Compassionate counseling

I worked with Kimberly for several months of wellness coaching. The sessions were not typical fact-heavy meetings where information was just dumped. Rather, Kimberly listened and tried to understand my life and situation and then offered some insights. I learned the physiological changes caused by stress and anxiety and Kimberly showed me some exercises (both relaxation exercises and physical exercises) to help alleviate stress. I was reminded how important good nutrition is to good health, and I learned some new strength building exercises. I especially appreciated Kimberly’s integrated approach to counseling in which physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellness are equally important and essential.

Hilary D.

I first met Kimberly when I was trying to work through discovering that I had diabetes. It was a very difficult time in my life as I had just got out of the hospital with a broken hip. Kimberly helped me evaluate my eating habits and made suggestions of how to improve my lifestyle. Kimberly also helped me to get on track physically and mentally to move forward with my life in a positive and rewarding way. Kimberly was very thorough in zeroing in on my strengths and also my weaknesses to give me the most useful knowledge to help me grow as a person.

Kyle D.

I started out working with Kimberly for help with my weight loss goals. That may have been my main goal but I gained so much more from her coaching then I could have ever imagined. Kimberly really focuses on the big picture and made me go deeper within myself. Kimberly also helped me realize that stress was a major issue in my life and helped me come to the realization that I needed to reduce those stresses in my life. I worked three jobs at the time and within a few hours of leaving Kimberly I realized I needed to make the change and reduce my working hours. Kimberly helped me realize I needed to make time for myself, and that I truly enjoyed working out. When the coaching time with Kimberly came to an end I didn’t want to stop. I loved working out so much that I started doing personal training with her. Kimberly made working out so much more fun. She knew I could easily get bored so every week during training she had a new workout and added new exercises. I now feel like I can go to the gym and makeup my own workout and never get bored. Even now that I have finished my time with Kimberly (sadly) I still think about the stuff she had me consider in life to help myself get back on track. I have gained so much knowledge from Kimberly and she has helped me figure out how to take care of myself. I would recommend Kimberly to all my family, friends and strangers.

Amy D.

I had a very good experience with Kimberly. I really appreciate the way she draws you out, and you begin to realize things about yourself you never knew. I also was encouraged to do things outside of myself and think about what I really wanted instead of staying stuck in the life I was used to. I felt very safe, and understood, which was a new feeling for me. I also felt like Kimberly really cared about what was happening with me, and it was a very positive experience. I highly recommend Kimberly!

Melody P.

I would recommend Kimberly to my friends she was very professional and love’s her work, she helped me set up goals for rehabbing my knee and to lose weight and she showed me the proper exercises to do so I did not hurt myself. First, she showed me how to do squats safety with a help from a chair, now I do 25 squats a day without a chair. She also helped  me reach my goals of walking much more. Kimberly can help you set goals and help you reach them,again I do recommend her to friends and family.

J.R. I I.

Finally Successful

I had tried to improve my wellness before, this time around however, I was fortunate to have worked with Kimberly Irlbeck as my mentor/wellness coach. I had personal issues this time as well, but she made me feel cared about without being intrusive. Her coaching style was instrumental in helping me define my core issues: eating to live not living to eat, becoming active as way to reduce pain and feel better about myself and dealing with my emotions. Kimberly helped me to stay focused on my short term goals so that I would not be overwhelmed. She had an intuitive ability to know exactly what I needed to hear when I was feeling low and defeated. I have learned so much from Kimberly: that I am responsible for the day I create, I do not have to earn love, and that if you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. These affirmations, and others, combined with her sincere emotional support, have meant more to me than any other kind of counseling ever could. She has helped me to love myself, take care of myself and to be grateful for the good in my life. She also helped me to get back into being physical: I do floor exercises at home that she taught me, I walk more, do more and get out more. She brought me “back to life” and I want to acknowledge her exceptional mentoring style. She did not just coach, she taught, guided and counseled. Thank you again to a wonderful counselor and coach

Eve H.

Positive communication

I worked with Kimberly for several months working through problems with my weight. She was so diverse in methods to help me lose weight and in helping me figure out the causes of my excess eating. Kimberly gave me several different avenues to explore to help me solve my problems including journaling, audio tapes for meditation and stress relief, food tracking in two different ways so I could choose the best one for me, and help with exercise. I am excited that she now has her own personal training studio in her office.  She is well-educated, articulate, and easy to talk with. I give her my whole-hearted recommendation.

Carol P.

Great person ! Kim is Excellent !

Kimberly was my trainer, health coach and she encouraged me to keep working . OVer a year later, I’ve loss 16 lbs. My Cholesterol ,the good and bad, are right where they are suppose to be. I would recommend Kimberly . She knows her job. Getting her your  are getting the best ! 🙂

Annette N.