I offer personal training in your home or office. I can use your own gym equipment or bring free weights, stability ball, Bosu ball, bands, yoga mats, balance disks, step with risers and any other equipment we need to train you safely and effectively. If you desire, I can work out with you, many clients enjoy a partner/trainer while hiking, walking, doing high intensity interval training or while stretching and doing yoga poses.

I have twenty five years of working with clients successfully to lose weight, get stronger, rehabilitate injuries, tone and shape up, reduce pain through increasing flexibility and strength, improve cardiovascular conditioning and improve balance and stability.

My clients have ranged from 10-92 years of age, both male and female. Each body is unique and I work with each client at their own fitness level and work safely to improve physical conditioning keeping clients safe to avoid the potential for injury. Call today for a free 15 minute evaluation and consultation. (406) 253-3451


Kimberly doner Halpape

Masters in Christian Counseling, Christian Leadership University
BS in Kinesiology, University of CO, Boulder, CO
Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Institute for Eating Psychology
– Certified Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches

– Certified Personal Trainer, ACE
Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer, ACSM

25 years in the health and wellness industry, helping people change their Mind, Body,Soul and Spirit