Revolutionize how you view your body, eating, exercise and nourishment. I use a results oriented approach that is in alignment with all of the dimensions of who we are as eaters-integrating heart, soul, mind and body.

Eating  Psychology Coaching offers you a paradigm shift where you can free yourself from body hate to body love and acceptance, learn to trust your body’s hunger and listen to your true inner desires and identify unmet needs in life that you have tried to fill with food.

Mind Body Nutrition: learn how your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, stress levels and your personal life story affect your digestion, nutrient assimilation and uptake, metabolism and your ability to release unwanted fat.


  • Do you struggle with weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, endless dieting, emotional eating and health concerns?
  • Have you considered that the psychological or emotional issues you face impact your body affecting your digestion, causing fatigue, poor mood, immune issues and more…. which can lead to more disease and illness.
  • Are you tired of dieting, counting calories and doing work-outs you dread?
  • Do you feel trapped in a body you don’t like or tired of self-deprivation or feeling guilty when you eat a “bad” food?
  • Transform your relationship with food and body today by working with an eating psychology coach.
  • Learn how to take control and have a paradigm shift in how you feel about your body, interact with food and learn how to enjoy life again without being consumed with the scale and being on a diet that does not work long term
  • weight reduction support groups available
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Kimberly doner Halpape

Masters in Christian Counseling, Christian Leadership University
BS in Kinesiology, University of CO, Boulder, CO
Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Institute for Eating Psychology
– Certified Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches

– Certified Personal Trainer, ACE
Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer, ACSM

25 years in the health and wellness industry, helping people change their Mind, Body,Soul and Spirit